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Are you (or someone you know) pregnant with identical twins?

If so, we want to alert you to a rare, but deadly disease that could threaten those twins during pregnancy. Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS) is a disease of the placenta. It affects identical twins during pregnancy when blood passes disproportionately from one baby to the other through connecting blood vessels within their shared placenta. One baby, the recipient twin, gets too much blood overloading his or her cardiovascular system, and that baby may die from heart failure. The other baby, the donor twin, does not get enough blood and may die from severe anemia. The babies are normal. The abnormalities are in the placenta.

At least 6000 babies are affected every year in the United States by TTTS and approximately 4000 of them will pass away. However, with increased monitoring it is possible to catch the signs of TTTS before it is too late. Please ask your doctor about TTTS and ask them to use ultrasonic imaging to add those babies to the positive part of the statistic.

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